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This course is required for all mortgage licensees in Ontario who want to upgrade to a mortgage broker licence.  this challenging course will prepare you for the next phase of your career!

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Mortgage Broker LICENCE


Advertise as a mortgage broker

The most prestigious title in the mortgage brokerage industry – get the recognition you deserve

Supervise a team of agents

ONLY a licensed mortgage broker may supervise agents – now you can lead a team and share your expertise!

Become a Principal Broker

The Principal Broker is responsible for everything compliance related and is highly regarded. Only a mortgage broker can be a Principal Broker.

registration options

For licensed mortgage agents only – Need the Mortgage Agent Course?  Click Here

Online Course

  • Over 60 hours of self-study in phase 1 and a 100-question exam in phase 2 that can be completed at your own pace.
  • Instructor access
  • Work at your own pace and finish fully online with up to 1 year access.


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Live Webcast

  • Over 60 hours of live webcast instruction and self-study in phase 1 and a 100-question exam in phase 2.
  • Choose between a 5 day Mon-Fri (9 am to 5 pm) class or one day per week (9 am to 5 pm) over 5 weeks.


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In-Class Course

  • Over 60 hours of live in-person instruction and self-study in phase 1 and a 100-question exam in phase 2.
  • Choose between a 5-day Mon-Fri class (9 am to 5 pm) or one day per week (9 am to 5 pm) over 5 weeks.


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Google Rating
Based on 1786 reviews

1 Year Enrollment

With full online access

60+ Hours

Course Instruction

60% Exam Grade

To pass the 100 Question Exam

3 Years

Valid for licensing

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Real-time google reviews
Google Rating
Based on 1786 reviews
Based on 1786 reviews
I found the course exciting and interesting in a user-friendly way.The more I studied, the more I felt I was in an industry that really helped people protect their families through insurance!
Currently taking the REMIC program and have found the resources and course extremley helpful
Great study material and mentors teaching courses for Mortgage Agent Level 1
Excellent course delivery and fantastic value added services like career workshops, job banks and additional content!
Thank you for writing back. Last night I was not able to access the website. But this morning is up and running. Thank you for reaching out.
User-friendly interface.Lower fees compared to other options.
Very east to use.. good experience. Informative.. I didn't have any issues
Great resources with very flexible options for taking courses. The instructors are all very informed and knowledgable. A fantastic institution for mortgage education
Highly recommended. I know Joe more than a decade & he is doing awesome in the Education part & helping agents.
This course was very informative and user friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQS

A mortgage broker is a professional who deals or trades in mortgages for a licensed mortgage brokerage. They may also be responsible for supervising the activities of one or more mortgage agents (levels 1 and 2).

The course is valid for licensing for 3 years from the date of completion.

Upgrading to a mortgage broker license has never been more convenient.  Here is what you need to know about timing:

  • Immediately: Registration is now open
  • 1 year: Your registration length – you can finish in as little as a week or take up to 1 year
  • 3 years: How long your certificate of completion is valid
  1. Anyone can take this course, but we highly recommend that you are already a licensed mortgage agent level 2
  2. To get licensed you must pass this course and be licensed for at least 24 of the past 36 months

You should upgrade your license for several reasons:

  1. Title: if you’re not a mortgage broker you have to market yourself as a mortgage agent level 1 or mortgage agent level 2.
  2. Knowledge: Knowing the legislation, best practices, and what you can and can’t do will help keep you on the right side of the law.  Many contraventions are made due to a lack of understanding or knowledge.
  3. Opportunity: As a mortgage broker you can be the Principle Broker of a brokerage, the most important compliance role in a brokerage.  You can also start your own brokerage and hire and supervise agents.
  4. Respect: Being a mortgage broker comes with the respect of the industry. We know how much goes into being a broker, from experience to knowledge.  You deserve the respect!

In short, NO! 

Your tuition includes:

  • the course,
  • access for up to one year,
  • unlimited exam prep attempts,
  • 2 examination attempts,
  • Exam review analysis report
  • a pdf manual,
  • support,
  • a live instructor,
  • Message My Teacher in your course,
  • and much more!

Fine print:

  • If you fail your first examination attempt, there is as $25 rewrite fee for your second attempt
  • Free pdf included; Hard textbook is $100
  • Extensions from $50

The exam consists of:

  • 100 multiple choice questions
  • 3 hour time-limit
  • 60% grade required to pass
  • Exams are online, proctored
  • Flexible daliy exam dates and times
  • Free exam analysis report is provided to all students

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