At REMIC we do our very best to ensure your concerns are understood. Follow the steps below to make a complaint or comment.

Complaint Handling Procedure

All of us at REMIC are committed to providing you with the best possible experience! If you have a concern about REMIC, our policies or the service you have received, follow the steps below and we will work with you to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Talk to us

All of our support staff are empowered to find resolutions in real time, which means most complaints can be resolved at the first point of contact. You can reach out to our REMIC support team from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri by phone at 877-447-3642, via live chat by clicking here or by email (1 business day response time) by clicking here.

If you have already done this or if a REMIC staff member recommended that you launch a formal complaint please proceed to Step 2 below.


Escalate your complaint

If your complaint in Step 1 was not able to be resolved to your satisfaction you can escalate your complaint in writing by completing the form below. This will be a formal complaint that will require a detailed listing as to the specific nature of the complaint including any related documentation you may have.

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your written complaint within 24 hours of it being received. REMIC will then conduct a thorough review/investigation of your complaint and contact you either by email or by telephone within 5 business days. Most complaints are resolved within 1 week, but some may need to be further escalated to the department head.

Complete the form below

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