Out of Province Licensed Applicant Quiz – $30

This course focuses on competencies (knowledge and skills) that are Ontario specific to ensure out-of-province applicants have knowledge of the requirements included in the Mortgage Brokerages.


Learning Outcomes

This course focuses on competencies (knowledge and skills) that are Ontario specific to ensure out-of-province applicants have knowledge of the requirements included in the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006 (MBLAA), its regulations and FSRA’s guidance and rules that differ from other jurisdictions (i.e., local knowledge requirements).

Upon completion of the seminar/quiz, out-of-province applicants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the requirements to practice the mortgage broker/agent occupation in Ontario. That is, they will be able to:

  1. Explain the legal and regulatory framework that applies to mortgage brokering in Ontario;
  2. Differentiate between mortgage brokerage/broker/agent/administrator in Ontario; and
  3. Apply the requirements (including standards of practice) applicable to mortgage brokering in Ontario

Consider the following steps for quiz

30 minutes

20 questions

70% pass requirement

2 attempts included

Areas of Focus

Out-of-province applicants must understand:

MBLAA/Regulations Under the Act
  1. Licensing Requirements:
    • Licence categories (two tiers of agent licensing in Ontario, different names for licensing classes across Canada)
  2. Role of the Principal Broker
    • Not clearly set out in all provinces
  3. Mortgage Suitability
    • Not all provinces have the requirement set out the same way as Ontario
    • Reasonable steps in Ontario
    • Private lending in Ontario
  4. Disclosure Requirements
    • FSRA forms
  5. Regulation and Enforcement
  6. Filings, Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance and Financial Guarantee requirements
    • AIR
    • E&O
    • Financial statements and financial guarantee for mortgage administrators
  7. Standards of Practice
    • Mortgage Agents and Brokers
    • Mortgage Brokerages
    • Mortgage Administrators
  8. Continuing Education Requirements


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Learned so much, very knowledgeable teachers, videos were great, and exam prep test were so helpful. They provide great resources.
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Michelle Veinot
REMIC the best place to get your certificate I have very good experience and the instructors Kevin and Jay they were amazing I highly recommended. REMIC deserve 5 stars. thanks for everything and for your help.
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NinaRicci NR
This course cover wide range of topic and fundamental principles. Highly recommended as a REFRESHER Course for all mortgage agents, brokers, brokerages and administrator. The topics are structured and presented in way that makes the study profoundly excellent.
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Oke Oyebanji
Great learning experience and the video recordings from MR Singh are extremely useful.
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Marco Chan
Perfect in transferring relevant materials. Perfect Support
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Shaden Razavi
GREAT COURSE! I would strongly recommend. It was easy to navigate and clear and concise 🙂 THANK YOU REMIC!
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Diana Jendrasch
Thank you for the instructor's patience and care so that he becomes sure that everyone well understands the topic. thank you again.
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Ashraf Morcos
Remic makes your learning experience pain free. Doing a course now at MPC and I sorely regret it.
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Jean Garraway
This course was awesome! The only thing that sucks is that IF you fail one exam, you have to retake all of them LOL! But its okay- I still give it 5 stars because they provide materials to help ya out!