Mortgage Broker Course In class

The online course is best suited for those students who are able to work on their own, enjoy or need to be able to work at their own pace and have a good level of self-motivation. This version of the course offers the flexibility to meet even the most demanding schedules.

In-Class Course

In-Class Course

This course is best suited for those learners who prefer an in-person class experience.
Choose between a 5-day Mon-Fri class or one day per week over 5 weeks.

Each version of the course also includes full online access to the course:

The broker program, consisting of over 60 hours of instruction and individual work consists of two phases. 

Phase 1 is either Self-study or live webinar with Phase 2, consisting of a 100-question exam. 

This program is designed to challenge the student, discussing complex issues, such as compliance, Policies and Procedures, starting and managing a brokerage, and the myriad ways in which to serve the public.  

Tjhe program is designed by Joseph White, who is REMIC’s President and CEO, as well as the author of several textbooks including the Mortgage Agent textbook and this Mortgage Broker textbook, and the former program coordinator of the Financial Services Underwriting Post Diploma Program (FSU) at Seneca college, which consisted of 14 courses to become a licensed mortgage broker.  This program supports the regulator’s goal of enhanced consumer protection by challenging students with a variety of case studies and interactive lessons. 

This program Covers the following FSRA and MBRCC course competencies:

  1. Modern Mortgage Brokering
  2. Establishing a Brokerage
  3. Hiring Staff, Associates and Brokers
  4. Managing Staff, Associates and Brokers
  5. Managing the Business and Resources
  6. Compliance and Ethical Practices
  7. Ensuring Competent Services are Provided to the Public

The full MBRCC Competencies and Curriculum may be found by clicking here

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